1400+ Best Whatsapp Status Quotes List for Your Crush in 2024

WhatsApp has an amazing feature which is called “WhatsApp Status“. From the WhatsApp Status atmosphere, you can express your thoughts, love, and feelings to others.

WhatsApp is an instant Chatting App that allows you to send and receive messages with the Quote data plan. WhatsApp works on almost all platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and others.

So, here we are sharing with you the best and most Amazing WhatsApp statuses that make your feelings best for your beloved and express love with others.

We almost daily update these WhatsApp statuses. So here in this article, you can find the best and latest Love, Romantic, Funny, Attitude, Sad, Family, Girls, Boys, Mother, Sister, Hindi, English, One word, and another WhatsApp status for sharing.

What is WhatsApp Status?

Whatsapp Status feature permits you to share text, photos, videos, and GIFs for showing your feeling, and thoughts to all your contacts. Your Whatsapp status will disappear after 24 hours.

To send and receive status updates to your contacts, you and your contacts must have each other’s phone numbers stored in your phone’s address book.

Your Status WhatsApp helps you to make WhatsApp friends, which is according to your type, therefore, you are advised to get the best status and latest WhatsApp status, which is your Explain the current well-being, how you feel and what is happening.

Best Whatsapp Status List 2024

WhatsApp status is categorized into different categories, there is love with whatsapp status, whatsapp quotes Status, whatsapp status quotes, Cool whatsapp status, funny whatsapp status quotes, life behavior whatsapp status quotes, and romantic whatsapp status quotes.

Best Whatsapp Status
Best Whatsapp Status

And when it comes to language format, there are more than two preferred WhatsApp statuses, WhatsApp status in Hindi and WhatsApp status in English. Okay, let’s see the list of the best WhatsApp status.

1. Whatsapp Cool Status

Cool Whatsapp Status

  1. Life goes on with or without you.
  2. Whatever you do in life .. give 100% .. unless you are donating blood
  3. I didn’t travel, the floor felt like it needed to be hugged.
  4. Relationships are like fat people, most of them don’t work.
  5. If you’re cute, I’m lonely
  6. There is nothing more interesting in the world, but the people.
  7. No matter how hard we work, life is never perfect
  8. Do you ever look at your life and think, “What has the Internet done to me?”
  9. The hardest part of the business is thinking for yourself.
  10. I hate it when I’m singing and someone meets me
  11. You can’t burn me
  12. The Facebook account behind each successful student is disabled
  13. Unless your name is Google, stop doing things like you know everything.
  14. Laughter is always the best medicine … unless you have diarrhea
  15. I will not be affected by technology unless I can download food from the internet
  16. I smile because I don’t know what the hell is going on.
  17. When I hit a bug in my house, I would leave the morgue for a while to warn others
  18. My phone’s battery dies faster than my dreams.
  19. Please God if you can’t make me thin then make my friend fat
  20. I’ve had a very busy day converting oxygen into carbon dioxide
  21. Learn from your dreams that you lack
  22. Life should be great instead of long
  23. We never really grow up, we learn how to work in public
  24. Don’t text me when I’m sending you a text, now I have to change my text.
  25. Everything is ridiculous as long as it is with another body
2. Love Status Whatsapp

Love Whatsapp Status

  1. I need you in my life
  2. A man who truly loves you will be angry at you for many things, but will never leave you.
  3. It is never easy to express one’s feelings.
  4. You are the light of my life. I love you.
  5. The best relationship usually starts unexpectedly.
  6. The good things in life are better with you.
  7. Love when you are ready, you will not be alone.
  8. I like things that make you happy
  9. I can see the future, I give you a hint, it’s “ME + U”
  10. You are just a reminder of my love.
  11. When love is not madness, it is not love.
  12. Love has no age limit and no death.
  13. Every girl deserves a boy who can change her life, not just the status of her relationship.
  14. Do the math. I + you = love.
  15. I need vitamin U.
  16. I promise Pinky that I will love you forever.
  17. Everyone knows how to love, but only one person knows how to always be in love.
3. Whatsapp Romantic Status

Romantic Whatsapp Status

  1. If I could choose between loving you and breathing, I would choose my last breath and say I love you.
  2. Nothing is perfect, but everything is perfect when I am with you.
  3. There is nothing I could ever say, and there is nothing I can do to tell you how much I love you.
  4. These were a million little things, when you put them all together, it means we were supposed to be together and I knew it. (Romantic WhatsApp Status)
  5. No matter what has happened. It doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter what you do. I Will Always Love You. I swear.
  6. I am yours
  7. I love your feet because they move about on the earth and in the wind and in the water until they bring you to me.
  8. I can make a promise to you: I will always love you more than anyone else who enters your life.
  9. The perfect date for me would be at home, having a big picnic in bed while watching cable TV, and eating whatsapp and cookies.
  10. I like how you make me happy. Love the ways you show that you care. I like the way I whisper to you “I love you” and the way you’re always there.
  11. Life can give us many beautiful people, but one person is enough for a beautiful life;
  12. I love you more than every word, I love you more than anything, I love you so much, I love you to the end.
  13. I forgot your name; can I call you “mine”? In that case, I forgot my name too! You can call me “yours”! (Romantic status for WhatsApp)
  14. Ever since you stepped into my life, you have fitted it with love, warmth, and many precious moments. Sweetheart
  15. When you smile, I can feel all my passion for my and a thousand sensations brushing my hands.
  16. When I look at you, I cannot deny that there is one God. Only God could make someone as wonderful and beautiful as you.
  17. I love my life because he gave it to me. I love you because you are my life
  18. One day, when my daughter smiles at me and asks me who my first love is, I don’t want to take out a photo album to show her. I want to point to the room and tell him to “sit there.”
  19. I need a heartbeat to survive this life, I need the heart to have a heartbeat, I need happiness to have a heart and I need happiness to have you!
4. Attitude WhatsApp Status

Attitude Status Whatsapp

  1. It is your plan that gives you the confidence to move forward
  2. Sometimes people try to show you what is wrong with you bcoz they can’t handle what is right about you
  3. People with high ego and unnecessary attitude deserve a long, long finger temperament;
  4. If you are good at something, never do it for free. (Attitude Status For Whatsapp)
  5. Sometimes there are limits to patience.
  6. I love the people in my life and make it amazing. I also love the people who left my life and made it great.
  7. In the beginning, you will judge me, in the end, you will love me.
  8. I need to try to prove myself to people. As long as I’m happy with myself I don’t make people worry about it!
  9. I am and I can only be… I am not perfect and never wanted to be… But I am happy what people are happy with what people think of me and I am great
  10. Eventually, he completely regained his composure :)) Hearts closed, minds :))
  11. If someone tells you that you are ugly .. OK, be nice and say .. I’m sorry… I am not your mirror…
  12. Your attitude is like a price tag, it shows how valuable you are.
  13. If the attitude kills. I am a weapon of mass destruction. (Whatsapp Attitude Status)
  14. It is very easy to defeat someone, but very difficult to win someone.
  15. A person with BARD will never be weird
  16. Life is like Facebook. People will like your concerns and comments, but no one will solve them because everyone else is too busy updating them.
5. Funny WhatsApp Status

Funny WhatsApp Status

  1. Decided to burn a lot of calories today so I set fire to an obese child.
  2. I’m so poor I can’t even pay attention!
  3. I will lose weight, but I hate losing.
  4. Life is short – talk fast!
  5. God is really creative, I mean .. look at me: p
  6. Never make eye contact while eating a banana.
  7. You can never buy love, but you still have to pay the price.
  8. I like my job when I’m on vacation …..
  9. If life gives you lemons, just add vodka.
  10. Fact: Phone-10 miss call on silent mode. … turns sound into loud – no one calls all day !!
  11. You can never buy love …. but you still have to pay the price.
  12. I’m too lazy to stop being lazy.
  13. How can I remember something I didn’t have?
  14. Did anyone else hear the sound when you click the Like My Status button?
  15. I’m not lazy, I prefer the term “electoral participation.”
  16. Mosquitoes are like a family. Annoyingly Libran – always rational, easily hurt emotionally, very passionate, and maybe a little too intense.
  17. Last seen in 1980!
  18. My biggest problem in life is how to inform my online friends about my death .. !!
  19. Save drinking beer.
  20. If I won the Lazy Award, I’d send my letter to someone. Send
  21. When I was in front of the mirror, I saw only the smartest person.
  22. Love may be blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener.
  23. Anyone who says “good morning” on Monday deserves a slap 🙂
  24. I hate fake people You know what I’m talking about. Manicures. : D.
  25. Never laugh at your wife’s choice. You are one of them.
  26. I live in an imaginary world, so keep your reality away from me!
  27. Always wear cute pajamas in bed. You will never know who you will meet in your dreams.
  28. I’m not lazy, I’m in energy-saving mode.
  29. I wish I could silence people in real life.
  30. I follow this quote, “Always be true to yourself” because I only lie to others!
  31. I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually strikes me.
  32. Hey, there WhatsApp is using me.
  33. I hate cars when I’m walking. I hate pedestrians when I’m driving …
  34. Girls use Photoshop to look beautiful. Boys use photoshop to show their creativity.
6. Sad Status for Whatsapp

Sad WhatsApp Status

  1. When you sit alone, you sit with your past.
  2. Loneliness doesn’t kill, but sometimes I want it.
  3. Sometimes it’s better to be alone; no one can hurt you.
  4. My silence is another word for my pan.
  5. Time does not really heal the heart. It just makes the heart forget all the pain.
  6. They ignore you unless they need you
  7. Dear heart, please stop being involved in everything. Your job is just to pump blood, so stick to it.
  8. I hate it when crying is the only way to feel better.
  9. The deepest people are the ones who have suffered the most.
  10. Sorry, but I’m listening to my brain right now. I know better.
  11. Hatred is like acid. It damages the vessel in which it is stored and destroys the vessel in which it is poured. (Whatsapp Sad Status)
  12. People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.
  13. Whenever I start trusting someone, they show me why I shouldn’t.
  14. My silence is another word of pain
  15. Isn’t it sad that you’re in so much pain that you can finally say, “I’m used to it?”
  16. 204 countries, 805 islands, 7 seas, 7+ Billion people, and I’m alone !!!
  17. I get lost in my mind
  18. Everyone wants to be happy. No one wants to be sad or hurt. But you can’t make a rainbow without a little rain.
  19. Sometimes the person you trust the most is the one who trusts you the least.
  20. You always hurt the moment you start caring.
  21. No notice of your mistake and tears but notice of their own fault
  22. I had to bite because that’s the only way I can smile.
  23. The most painful farewells are those that have never been said or explained. …… (Best sad status)
  24. Sometimes it’s better to be alone; no one can hurt you.
  25. Life goes on with or without you!
  26. The person you trust the most belongs to that person.
  27. Sometimes it is better to be alone. No one can hurt you.
  28. Have you ever wondered what hurts you; to say something you wish to say or not to say and wish you had ???
  29. Everyone knows something is wrong but no one knows what is happening.
  30. One morning you woke up scared to death.
  31. I just want to sleep until I miss you.
  32. I smile not only because I’m happy, but sometimes I also smile to hide my depression.
  33. I close my eyes and dream of a time when I was not alone.
  34. I don’t have many friends, I only know a lot of people. (Sad Status For Whatsapp)
  35. The cure for anything is saltwater – sweat, tears, or the sea.
  36. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
  37. The most painful memory .. when I left and you let me go.
  38. I am not happy in life without you.
7. Angry WhatsApp Status

Whatsapp Angry Status

  1. The best way to express anger and silence.
  2. Hating me will make you beautiful.
  3. No one makes you angry. You decide to use anger as a tool.
  4. I hope Karma slaps you in the face before I do.
  5. Everything that starts with anger ends in shame.
  6. I am if I change, but you change too.
  7. You blocked me on Facebook and Nine. You’re going to die.
  8. Tell the truth, or eventually, someone will tell you. (Angry Status For Whatsapp)
  9. Gets angry, the person you are angry with. Don’t waste time all the time.
  10. Yes, I am smiling but you are not the reason after that.
  11. Sometimes I’m not angry. I’m in pain and there’s a big difference.
  12. The angry man opens his mouth and closes his eyes.
  13. We meet with a reason, either you get blessings or lessons.
  14. Don’t make too many promises when you can’t keep one.
  15. Our time is up. Get out of my life now. (Angry WhatsApp Status)
  16. Take me in with anger; my own; or someone else.
  17. If I delete your number, you are basically deleted from my life.
  18. Don’t provoke me and change your status.
  19. If you don’t try to make other people happy in the end, you know it won’t work.
  20. It’s easy to say that you admit to being crazy more than hurting yourself.
  21. A sharp temper will soon make you quite stupid.
8. One-Word WhatsApp Status

One Word Status

  • “Dream”
  • “Open”
  • “curls”
  • “Weirdo”
  • “Ecstasy”
  • “Congratulations”
  • “Serendipity”
  • “Sisi”
  • “Winter”
  • “Alone”
  • “Sister”
  • “Goals”
  • “-Us-“
  • “Badas”
  • “emotional”
  • “Hussler”
  • “Life”
  • “Congratulations”
  • “Happiness”
  • “Hot”
  • “Enjoy”
  • “ROFL”
  • “The rest”
  • “Calm down”
  • “Boom”
  • “Crazy”
  • “Sunlight”
  • “Lucky”
  • “amazing”
  • “Relax”
  • “heaven”
  • “Oh my God”
  • “XOXO”
  • “new”
  • “Relax”
  • “Free”
  • “Daydreaming”
  • “Success”
  • “Drowned”
  • “Try”
  • “Wonder List”
  • “Memorial”
  • “Yes”
  • “The choice”
  • “Sick”
  • “Stupid”
  • “Mine”
  • “Spirit”
  • “Beautiful”
  • “everything”
  • “Earls”
  • “Different”
  • “Drowned”
  • “everything”
  • “Beautiful”
  • “Best”
  • “Flexibility”
  • “the meal”
  • “Happy”
  • “Congratulations”
  • “Success”
  • “Drifter”
9. One-Line Status

One Line Status

  1. Be yourself!
  2. My weakness is that I care too much.
  3. I live in an imaginary world, so keep your reality away from me!
  4. Expect less, accept more!
  5. I hate men but I’m not gay.
  6. The thing is crap. Unless you have a lawyer.
  7. In victory, you deserve champagne. In defeat you need it.
  8. live my life means work (Whatsapp One line Status)
  9. God is really creative, I mean; just look at me.
  10. Enjoy your life without comparing the lives of others.
  11. Expectations are the root of all frustration.
  12. When it is against you, you either win or you die !!!
  13. Music speaks where words end.
  14. I don’t care about people who don’t take care of me.
  15. Last seen in 1980!
  16. You taught me to love but not to stop.
  17. God is really creative, I mean … look at me
  18. You are with me today, if it works, great .. !! Otherwise, tomorrow is someone else.
  19. Think of each day as your last. One day you will be fine.
  20. Hmmm, don’t copy my status.
  21. A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove you don’t need it.
  22. There is no time. There are clocks. (One line Status for Whatsapp)
  23. Always remember that you are as unique as everyone else.
  24. The direction is more important than speed.
  25. Self-confidence is the first secret to success.
  26. The positive is better than the negative
  27. Hard work + dream + dedication = success.
10. Life Status For Whatsapp

Status For Life

  1. One of the biggest diseases is that there is no one for anyone.
  2. Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove it.
  3. If you want to live a happy life, connect it to a purpose, not to people or things.
  4. Life is a journey, not a race.
  5. You change your life by changing your heart.
  6. The quality of your life is the quality of your relationship.
  7. Life is just a journey.
  8. Forget the hardships of the day. Remember the blessings of the day.
  9. Life is never easy for dreamers.
  10. There is no one more loving than a mother, no one cares more than a father.
  11. Life is like photography. We grow from the negative.
  12. You change your life by changing your heart
  13. I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life, it works.
  14. At the end of the day, life should ask us, ‘Do you want to save the changes?’
  15. Life is like a coin. You can spend whenever you want but you can only spend once.
  16. Life is so bright when we shed light on what really matters.
  17. A good life is a collection of happy moments. (Life WhatsApp Status)
  18. Life is never easy for dreamers
  19. Enjoy your life without comparing the lives of others.
  20. Each new day is another opportunity to change your life.
  21. Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about making yourself.
  22. Whatever decision you make, make sure it makes you happy.
  23. Life is really easy, but we insist on making it complicated.
  24. Every new day brings new things and there we create new memories.
  25. Life is about laughing and living.
  26. A well-written life is almost as rare as a well-written one.
  27. Enjoy your life today because yesterday was gone and tomorrow can never come.
  28. Life goes on… with or without you
  29. There is always something to be thankful for.
  30. These are guidelines, not distractions.
  31. Remember this is a bad day, not a bad life.
  32. You can’t start a new chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last life.
  33. A good life is guided by love and knowledge.
  34. Work for a reason that is not for applause, express life, do not impress.
  35. Life is when you look sadly at the past and too much of the future.

Looking for some interesting quotes to add to your WhatsApp status? Pay immediate attention and stand out from the crowd!

Here is a long list of attractive and unwavering charming lines that are sure to get your friends the best WhatsApp status in 2024!

Getting a great WhatsApp status these days is important, it shows who you are as a person and it brings out the more literary side of you. (Also, it’s a great way to show off your poetry skills and tell an important story about how you feel about them).

Through our list, you probably got the best Status WhatsApp ever!

FAQs Whatsapp Status

Here are some important questions about Whatsapp Status that users often asked. We address each of the below-listed questions with answers.

1. What is the best WhatsApp status?

What is the best WhatsApp status?

Here in this article, we listed the best status quotes for whatsapp today:

  • Love when you are ready when you are not alone.
  • Love is all you need.
  • I will not give up on you; so please do not leave me.
  • True love does not end in happiness, because true love does not end.
  • I don’t want to be your number one, I want to be your only one.
  • We don’t remember the day, we remember the moment.
  • You have no idea how fast my heart beats when I see you.
2. How whatsapp status works?

How whatsapp status works?

Status allows users to show their feeling or thoughts through text, videos, and photos. The status will expire after 24 hours. It is the best feature for sharing our expression or mood with all contacts.

3. How can I see someones WhatsApp status without them knowing?

How can I see someones WhatsApp status without them knowing?

Without letting them know how you know your friend’s WhatsApp status posts:

  1. Go to WhatsApp settings.
  2. Now, go to the Accounts tab.
  3. Tap Privacy and scroll to the Read Receipts option.
  4. Toggle it to prevent people from viewing their chats, as well as WhatsApp Statuses.
4. What is a good status message?

What is a good status message?

Everyone wants to be happy. No one wants to be sad or hurt. But you can’t make a rainbow without a little rain.

5. Can you check how many times someone viewed your WhatsApp status?

Can you check how many times someone viewed your WhatsApp status?

No, currently, nobody can check if you’ve checked out “Last Seen” on WhatsApp, and there are now no apps that allow you to track this. … All you’ll be able to see is who saw it, not what number of times or the various features on the App. Only the one who put the photos on their story can see that information.

Wrap up

The status of WhatsApp describes your behavior, attitude, personality, and mental level. So be careful when choosing the best WhatsApp status. Getting the best status of WhatsApp is not an easy task today.

You need a set of hundreds to make the best choice for you. It depends on your mood and what kind of status you are looking for. Sometimes we need the status of a funny WhatsApp for fun and jokes, and sometimes you feel sad or you fall in love, so your WhatsApp status should suit your mood.

To give you a grand collection to improve your search and to choose the best WhatsApp status for you, we have an amazing WhatsApp status list.

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