How to Root Any Android Phone Without PC & Laptop 2024

So hello guys once again welcome to Tricksfly so today I am going to show you guys how to root your android device without using a PC so you don’t have to use any PC application to root your android device it’s a very simple quick process that you can follow to you know to root your device.

Rooting the phone is one of the most sensitive topics. There are many ways of rooting phones in the market. But here you will get authentic information from this article and we are sure that you won’t need to consider any other article on the same topic because we will give you the full information about rooting your phone and all the ways that you can root your phone.

You guys asked for a tutorial about root access on android so today we’re going to be talking about what root even is its pros and cons plus how you can root any Android device without a computer 2024.

So let’s get to the real topic of the article on how to root the phone basically in this article we are addressing five topics.

  1. What is Root?
  2. Why some phones can’t be Rooted?
  3. How to make your device Ready for Root?
  4. What are the ways to Root your Phone?
  5. Should you really Root your Phone?
  6. How to Root any Android Phone without using PC & Laptop 2024?

1. What is Root?

Before we can talk about the pros and cons of Root we first need to understand what root is so with root access on Android you gain full access and privileges on your device meaning that information and files that were locked by your device manufacturer are now open for modification and tweaking.

In other words, your device manufacturer intended for certain settings apps information, and files on your device to be locked to prevent your average dumb consumer that doesn’t know what he’s doing from screwing/blowing up his device.

How do you get complete access to the operating system of your Phone?

You can modify and change anything by just rooting your device when you root your device you are simply adding a standard leanness function that was removed simply understand by this.

What Features you will get after Rooting?

Rooting gives you extra features on any device and the extra features are countless. Some of them are listed below.

  • You can record your screen.
  • You can increase your internal storage.
  • You can increase your RAM (Random Access Memory).
  • You can delete pre-loaded applications or inbuilt applications on your device.
  • You can hack countless apps.
  • And many more you got it right? Rooting basically gives you full control of your device so this was the real meaning of rooting.

2. Why some Phones can’t be Rooted?

It means some phones are very hard to root although all phones can be rooted some are hard. But why can’t root some devices one click root applications?

You can’t root by any applications like kingroot kinga root and a lot of other apps, you can’t root if this does not support your phone or the idea behind this one-click root apps is that they find a bug in your phone software and exploit it so that they can get root access if your phone isn’t supported it’s mean that they haven’t found a bug in your phone and don’t worry even your phone is not supported I will make your phone rooted.

3. How to make your device ready for Root?

Rooting may be dangerous to your device you need to prepare your device for root. So how do you do?

You need to back up all your necessary data and the reason for doing is that rooting your phone may lose all your sensitive data and make your phone sick so that is the concept behind this.

4. What are the ways to Root your Phone?

Now here comes the bad news there isn’t one Universal way to root your phone. There are many smartphone models and versions so that’s why you can find some techniques that work for a device and some techniques that don’t work.

There is not a universal way to root on your device so you need to check which one works for your device let me make it more simple the easiest way is usually to use simple root applications these applications relate you to root your device with a single tap with some popular root applications:

  • Kingroot App
  • Kinga Root App
  • One ClickRoot App

Use them to root your phone simply download the apps from the Internet and they will falsely check your device capability and then go ahead and root the device.

This is one of the most common ways to root your phone. however, some devices may not be rooted in these applications and for them, the only solution to root your phone is by using the computers and that’s it your phone will be rooted. There are many tutorials available on the Internet as well the YouTube you can search for them.

5. Should you really Root your Phone?

Root your phone with my personal opinion and the answer is no and maybe yes for some viewers look. Guys in my opinion root your phone when you know what you are doing to your device.

What are the risk factors that come after rooting your phone?

If you root your phone without knowledge then the following are some risk factors you may bear:

Some Risk Factors of Rooted Phones:

  • The warranty of your device will be lost.
  • After rooting your phone is just like a useless brick.
  • Your phone is more vulnerable to Malware.
  • You might lose high-security ends.
  • Hackers can easily manipulate your phone.
  • Many rooting applications are malicious.
  • You lost all your sensitive data if not backed up.

If you are rooting your phone for just hack proposed or some childish stuff then I highly recommend you not root your phone and if you are OK with all the consequences then you can root your phone.

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6. How to Root any Android Phone without using PC & Laptop 2024?

Here you will learn how to root any android mobile without a computer in 2024. Follow some quick easy steps and then you will get your phone rooted.

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1. Setup

So, first of all, you’ll need an application called Root checker (You can easily get this app on the play store) here we go root checker search for root checker, and then install it on your device.

2. Setup

Using this application you can check whether root access has been provided for your devices click on agree and click on get started and click on verify root as you can see root access is not provided on our device so don’t worry. Keep going.

3. Setup

So now you need an application called iRoot and now this application is not available on Play Store you can get it from the official ID iRoot but in case you are not able to download it from the official website I’m gonna provide a media file link of the apk file so you can download it from here and install it.

4. Setup

So let’s navigate to downloads and install the application. So now this application while installing this application you’re gonna need to turn on one setting in your phone which is installing unknown apps from unknown websites.

So this setting you need to turn on these settings to install this application otherwise it won’t allow you to install this application as I told you since it’s not been published on Play Store. It doesn’t have the proper certificates so you’re gonna have to turn on that setting.

so we have turned it on already so just click on next next next go and click next. Now it’s asking me if it’s been blocked by the play product as I told you it’s not published on Play Store so it’s gonna prompt you to this message.

So just click on install anyway so guys don’t worry this application is completely safe. You can install it on your Android device it’s not wireless or anything it’s completely safe.

5. Setup

Now open it and it’s gonna show you the ad so just click so now it’s prompting me whether I want to join the customer experience program well I don’t want to so just uncheck it and click on I agree.

6. Setup

Now here it’s showing that no rule permission so just clicks on the get root permission and it’s gonna root your device. So it’s gonna take a while depending on your device so let it go on root. So let us wait until it’s complete so as you can see it has completed rooting my phone.

7. Setup

So let’s go back to the root checker application and see whether it has indeed rooted my device. So you might have to refresh the page over here. As you can see root access has been provided to my device.

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As you can see below screenshot your device is rooted now.

The below-listed screenshot shows you that your device got root access.

Finally, your root access has succeeded.

Go to the Root checker and refresh your page as you can see that root access is properly installed on this device. Hurry!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should ROOT ANY Android Phone

Here we are also talking about some of the biggest reasons why you would want to ruin your android phone and as promised we give you a better idea of why people root their phones. why you should do it or why you may want to do it I’ll give you about the biggest 5 reasons.

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  1. Number one is custom ROMs because they’re allowed to install all kinds of cool software on their device.
  2. You can install any firmware that you choose.
  3. Number three overclocking using an application like no-frills from the Play Store. And of course, having root access you can overclock your device and get more performance from your Android phone.
  4. Number four is the custom kernels. With a custom kernel, you can increase your performance or battery life.
  5. Number five is tethering when your device is rooted you can actually get tethering for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is rooting android phone safe?

NO. You can lose your high-end security along with a warranty.

What is a root android phone?

Root access android phone has full control and privileges on your device meaning that information and files that were locked by your device manufacturer are now open for modification and tweaking.

How can root android phone?

There are many ways in the market in which you can root your android phone. One way is mentioned in this article. You can check the above article.

How to root an android phone without a computer?

You can use the iRoot app for rooting your android phone.

How root android phone with the computer?

You can download iRoot software and install it on your computer for rooting.

What does rooting android phone do?

You will get a lot of features after rooting your phone. Check Here

Apps that root android phones?

Following are some apps:

Why do we root the android phone?

For many reasons, we root android phones. Some of the listed below:
1. For Custom ROM
2. Install any Firmware
3. Custom Kernel
4. For free tethering

What are the risks of rooting android?

If you root your android phone then the following are some risks factors:
1. Immediately void your phone warranty.
2. No more high-end security.
3. Hackers can easily hack your data.
4. Malicious malware and viruses.
5. Weak performance.

What are the pros and cons of rooting an Android?

1. Your phone is free from restrictions of the Android OS.
2. You can install any latest version of the Android OS.
3. You can customize your ROM.
4. Full control of your device.
1. Void warranty
2. Lost security
3. Viruses
4. Hacking Risk

Can I Unroot my phone after rooting?

You can unroot your phone using an option in the SuperSU app, which will remove the root and replace Android’s stock recovery.

Final Verdict

That’s it guys you can root your android device without using a PC and you can just install the iRoot application and root your device on the go. It’s a very simple process you can see it. It took me less than a minute to root my device.

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