How to Write engaging Instagram Captions to Bring More sales

Today we’re talking about how to write engaging Instagram captions. We’ll talk about what they are, why they matter, and what makes an engaging Instagram caption.

And don’t worry — these captions work for supplier photos, professional product shots, and everything in between.

So whether you’re just getting started or already an Instagram heavyweight, you’ll find these captions super helpful.

Before I give you these captions, just one more thing: To stay competitive in dropshipping or anything else, you have to keep learning.

Do you want to generate more likes and comments for your Instagram photos simply by writing engaging Instagram captions?

The caption is such an important part of Instagram. It honestly surprises me how many people are still sleeping on this.

Instagram is so much more than pretty pictures. I think captions are a great opportunity for so many creators to add extra value and people are not even seeing it.

There’s no question that visuals matter on Instagram. Instagram is a visual-first platform however there’s something that is equally as important when you ‘ ‘re reposting to Instagram and those are captions.

Captions are extremely powerful in driving those meaningful actions that were sought.

We’re talking about followers, saving clicks to your website shares, and more so if you want to write engaging Instagram captions that bring organic followers so that you can follow these meaningful actions.

Instagram might be all about the visuals, but without a scroll-stopping caption, your post won’t get engagement.

You want and need likes and comments. Because the more engagement your posts get, the more visible. They will be to your followers.

What is Instagram Caption?

An Instagram caption is a written description or explanation of the Instagram photo to provide more context. Instagram captions can include emojis, hashtags, and tags.

Why Instagram Captions Matter?

Occasionally, you’ll see that most famous peoples like celebrities or famous accounts post a photo on Instagram and leave the captions blank.

With a single photo without a caption, they generate thousands of likes and comments. But they also have thousands or even millions of followers.

But some brands or businesses post a photo on Instagram and they cannot get the same level of engagement on the post.

As you know, Instagram is a visual platform where peoples, businesses, and brands post high-end visual photos and short video posts.

The strongest visual component of the picture will capture your audience’s attention, but they don’t get conversions.

That’s why a well-written and crafted caption with a brief message makes a significant impact on your Instagram results.

What is the Good Length of Your Instagram Captions?

If you are on any social media network, you must follow this line “Tell the story in two lines”.

Most peoples prefer less text on Instagram because they know that they stand on the platform of photos and videos, not read the endless text.

And by 2024, our feeds will be filled with an average caption length of 405 characters — which averages out to be 65-70 words!

If you want to learn more about the Length of Instagram captions, you’ll follow this in a detailed blog post. Click Here

How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions?

write engaging instagram captions

When it comes to getting crazy engagement and crazy sales, there are more than just captions that you write on social media, but your Instagram captions can play a great role in getting more engagement and getting more sales in your business.

That’s why in today’s article, I’m going to share with you some things to consider and some things to look out for when you’re writing your captions, that’ll get you more likes, comments, and sales into your business.

You know how to write engaging Instagram captions because on the brand side. You know captions on your Instagram are so much more than just how you’re feeling.

They’re strategic and if you’re a content creator or creative and you’re reading this article, I hope that one thing that you can take from this is that your captions are great.

I guess a reflection of your brand Instagram used to just be about posting photos and you know having fun short little witty captions but things have changed.

I feel like the caption is a space right now that a lot of creatives are using almost as a microblogging resource people are kind of steering away from the blogs and using their captions to write these heartfelt messages.

Engaging Instagram captions describe what the visual is about, and tell your followers to take action.

If you think that Instagram posts as an afterthought, you’re missing out on an opportunity to engage in such a way that you can’t just be visual.

The right type of caption can get your audience to perform the action that you want them to. That’s why we’re here, right? it’s not passively using Instagram and not just passively posting.

It’s to drive actions properly crafted and a well-thought-out caption that will get you the results you want from your followers so.

Here are some amazing tips and tricks to write engaging Instagram captions that bring more organic followers.

If you follow and apply below mentioned Instagram captions tricks that how to write engaging Instagram captions, you’ll get a lot of likes and comments on your Instagram posts.


So there are different caption categories so to speak when you are writing out your captions for your posts. One of them can be considered quotes you know a lot of people like to use quotes or inspirational quotes in their captions.

You know your caption can be funny it can be if that’s who you are you know it can be like a smirk or kind of have like sass to it.

You can be vulnerable in your captions. Captions can be a place where you can show someone that vulnerability a certain topic that you know or a certain thing that you’re going through.

You know there are also people who are very can be serious with their captions as if they’re discussing something super important to them.

You know there are different tones and there are different guess vibes to your caption and I think some of the most successful excuse-me influencers use their captions.

It’s kind of like an indication of who they are kind of stick to one style so of course, you can’t be funny all the time or you can’t be sad or you know engaging or tell stories short but consistency is key.

When your audience gets used to seeing the same type of caption all the time it’s not boring for them. You may think it’s boring but it’s not.

It feels safe and it feels predictable and it feels constant and people who follow others on social media like predictability they like to know understand they like to feel.

They know you because this is who you are so definitely something to consider to not like to jump around on all different types of caption categories.


When it comes to writing, engaging captions, that’ll get you more likes comments, and potentially sales. The first thing that you want to do is take a step back and understand who your audience is.

Know your audience well inside and out. And this may take some time, may take some trial and error, and may take some conversations with your followers.

But what you need to know is when you’re creating content, when you’re writing captions, really understand who you’re trying to speak to.

For instance, in business, I know that the audience that follows is typically someone who’s just starting in their business. If they even have a business they’re really in those early stages, they don’t like working at a corporate job and they’re starting to slowly realize that and they want to start a business online.

And they also want to tap into social media. And specifically, they’re interested in Instagram and YouTube. And because I know all of these things.

I’m not going to write captions that cater to a more advanced audience. I’m not going to write captions that don’t speak to social media and talk about brick-and-molder solutions.

I don’t do that.

And that’s all because I know my audience inside and out. And how did I get to this level? Well, it takes a lot of surveying. And what I recommend is periodically hop on your Instagram stories and ask:

What does your audience want to know from you?

What their goals are when it comes to X?

When it comes to their fitness?

When it comes to their business?

When it comes to their career?

Whatever industry you’re in?

What are their struggles?

What are their pain points?

Ask your audience, these crucial questions. These are things that you want to know because it helps you with your content creation.

It helps with your caption writing. And what I recommend is to create an ideal audience or ideal client profile.

So I highly recommend just creating a separate Google doc and just writing the following things who is my ideal client or audience, and what are their pain points? What are their goals? And what’s stopping them from hitting those goals? What are their interests? What do they want?


And again, it takes a lot of research for you to build this out. But what’s important is that you get started today when it comes to collecting the necessary data on your audience.


So some things you’re going to want to consider when you’re writing out your caption. I think we’re at a stage right now like I’ve been saying that captions have been getting longer and longer.

I think it’s because Instagram is focusing on being more authentic and more real. I mean I’ve seen captions that I’ve written back in the day and they were literally like three or four words.

You know like it’s a vibe or I don’t know and then that’s it so the days of perfect Instagram accounts are slowly leaving us.

So feel free to use your caption as a space to get as raw and as vulnerable. You know as authentic get into it people are reacting well to it and are interested in it.


You need to consider this when you’re writing an Instagram caption specifically. When you want people to read your captions is to make sure that you have an engaging hook.

And what you want to know is the first 125 characters matters a lot after 125 characters on Instagram, it’ll cut it off and the person will have to click more.

And so your goal is to make sure you get as many people clicking more so that they’ll read the entire piece of content, because if they don’t, what was the point of you posting it?

That’s why you want to make sure that the first 125 characters are something that will be attention-grabbing.

And some examples that I have for you are maybe it could be a polarizing statement.

For example, maybe for me, I’ll write a caption. And the first line says, why everyone else’s content sucks. You might want to click that because it’s a little bit polarizing, or you might want to kick it off by asking a question, a question that, you know, your audience has, that they would want to answer.

So for example, mine might say something like, do you want to know how to write engaging Instagram captions that get you more likes, comments, and sales?

Now, that might be a little bit longer than 125 characters, but you get the idea. It’s a question that I know you guys have, and therefore there’s a higher chance that you guys will click on it.

So that you’ll read more of what I have to say. That’s why it’s very, very important that you have the first hook in mind and that you make it as attention-grabbing as possible.

And that it will cause someone to not just stop the scroll, but also click more.


Another thing to consider when writing your caption is hashtags. I think again back in the day we saw tons of hashtags people would always use right now.

It’s a lot more limited people are like limiting their hashtag use and their captions. Hashtags are an important part of Instagram.

So I’m not saying to get rid of them all together just kind of being a little bit more mindful of the hashtags that you are using and the same goes for emojis.

I don’t know people aren’t using emojis that much in their caption game and it used to be so be considerate of your emoji use as well or mindful so that you are kind of you to know using them but in moderation.


Now moving on to the next component of writing engaging Instagram captions that can help you strengthen your Instagram caption writing strategies is to have killer content and killer copywriting. So let’s talk about these two things.

Killer Content

Killer content means having content that speaks to your ideal audience. And this is what we talked about in the first tip.

Now there are a lot of tools out there that can help you understand what type of content that’s going to do well.

And I’ve got not just this article right here that outlines some content ideas that I have for you, but I’ve also got this post that also walks you through different strategies on how you can do content research.


Now, the next thing that you want to make sure you have is good copywriting. Now, this is a skill that is so, so essential for entrepreneurs to master being good at communicating with text.

A lot of things that you see on the internet. Yes. There’s a post. Yes, there’s all of that, but having great copywriting skills can get you super far when it comes to your sales pages, your website, your Facebook ads, and your Instagram captions.

And so I want to spend some time sharing with you my top three favorite copywriting persuasion tactics that I use a lot in my own business.

Future Pacing

Now, the first copywriting persuasion technique that I like to use is called future pacing. And what future pacing means is when you ‘rewriting your captions, you’re painting that point be for your audience.

And what I mean by point B is for everyone in the world, there’s always a point a and a point B point a is where they are. And point B is where they want to be.

And so when you’re incorporating future pacing in your caption writing, what you’re essentially doing is you’re helping your audience paint the vision, really highlighting what their life could look like if they had your service.

If they had your product if they tried your makeup, look, whatever it is that you sell or that you do in your business, future pacing is a very, very effective copywriting tactic.

Now I know for a lot of you guys, you guys might be like, what does that even mean? So let me show you an example.

So any piece of content that is explaining to the audience what they need to focus on, when they want to grow their Instagram account, or when they want to get more sales in their business.

What does a business look like when you’re positioning and promoting your offer? Successfully three things happen. You’re getting calls booked.

You’re getting inquiries. You’re getting prospects that sign on the spot. And so what I’m doing is I’m future pacing. I’m letting my audience understand and see what their business could look like if they just made this one shift.

If they just made this one change, if they had my support or whatnot. And so that’s why it’s very important in your copywriting to experiment with future pacing because that’s what people want to learn.

That’s what people want to see what their life could be like if they integrated your tips, your strategies, and your services. So even in this article, I did a little bit of future pacing as well.

I said these are the things that you can do to get more sales, more likes, and more engagement for your business. Imagine if you implemented these tips, how much more engagement, how much more sales could you get now, that is a persuasive technique.

And so that’s why integrating into your captions can get you more engagement, but more importantly, can get you way more DM conversations happening of people inquiring about your services or people asking you for help.

So future pacing is one of my number one favorite copywriting techniques that I use in my captions, but also in my videos.


Moving on to the second copywriting technique that I like to use for my captions to get more engagement and also get more sales into my business is scarcity.

And what scarcity means is you’re essentially writing copy that makes people feel like they’re missing something and it creates that sense of urgency for them to want to find the answer or for them to want to contact you or take some sort of action.

Let me tell you an example If I’m talking about the five worst Instagram pieces of advice that I’ve ever come across. And in the caption, I’m calling outcome things that I know my audience is doing wrong.

For example, if your content doesn’t inspire, entertain solve problems, if your brand doesn’t engage, listen, or involve, if you, as a business owner, do not tell people where to go in terms of your content, then you’re not going to get any sales.

You’re not going to find success. And so that in a sense creates a sense of scarcity. People are reading that and they’re like, OH my goodness, I’m making those mistakes.

I feel like I don’t have the strategies to get that engagement to get those sales. Therefore it’s going to be very hard for them to succeed when it comes to their Instagram marketing strategy.

And so, I’m building that urgency and that’s why creating scarcity can drive up the urgency for your audience to take action.

Risk Aversion

Now, moving on to the third copywriting persuasive technique that I like to use, what I write my Instagram captions is risk aversion.

And what risk aversion essentially means is you would be writing captions that allow your audience to understand how much more pain they would be in.

If they didn’t take a certain action, or if they chose to stay the same. And again, very similar to scarcity and allows them to create that sense of urgency to take action.

And this is what Tony Robbins says that I like is that most people, would rather avoid pain than they are to seek pleasure.

And that’s why when you’re writing your copy, really dive into those pain points that your audience is struggling with to evoke an emotional reaction within them.


Now I walked you through some of the tactics when it comes to caption writing, but you might be wondering, okay, a lot of these things you’re saying are to help someone build urgency to take action, but what actions should I ask them to do?

And that’s why you want to make sure in your captions, you have a good call to action. And specifically, there are two types of calls to action that exist.

And I made this up because it’s something that I started to incorporate into my business and it’s worked well for me. The first captions that you want to have in your caption are your primary caption.

And your primary caption is essentially the caption that you see a lot of people doing it’s tagged me or comment below or double-tap. If you like this, it’s the type of call to action.

That’s going to encourage someone to help you boost engagement in your post. It’s that short-term value boost that you want versus your secondary call to action is the action that you want your audience to take when it comes to your business when it comes to getting leads into your pool.


Now, at this point in the post, you’ve learned a couple of techniques that I use to create highly, highly engaging captions, but what matters is how you put it all together.

And that’s why I want to talk to you guys about structure. Specifically, you have to understand that you want to make sure your captions are readable and breathable.

You want to have clean line breaks. Another thing that you want to keep in mind is the length of your caption.

Back in the day, it was cool to have long-form captions. But the reality is that a lot of people kind of skim through that, especially if it’s way too long and something that has worked well for me is something that I had the name I coined, but it’s called the photo bait method.

Here you have learned how to write engaging Instagram captions techniques step by step. This helps out you guys if you take it seriously and apply all the aforementioned tips and tricks to write engaging Instagram captions.

I hope you guys enjoying this article and helpful for you. If you found this post helpful, you must share it with your mates.

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