How to Create Instagram QR Code – Instagram QR Code Feature

Using the Instagram QR code feature you’ll be able to either share your Instagram profile easily or of course can others to follow them. This saves a lot of time as you do not have to look for a profile as you’ll be taken automatically to the profile.

Welcome to another blog tech tips. In today’s tutorial guys, I’ll show you how you can actually scan a QR code or generate a QR code that can be used to allow others to easily follow you on Instagram.

What is the Instagram QR Code Feature?

How to use the Instagram QR code feature? Now Instagram used to have something called a name tag. You may still have it on your profile but they’re changing that together and making the QR code.

The default option you could create a tag that other people could use to scan and then jump into your profile follow you, and buy things from your business profile, whatever it may be now the benefit of a real QR code is you could print it.

For example, if you share your Instagram QR code with people then they can easily reach your business and people could scan it and jump into your Instagram profile and follow you that way or shop or see more details about your business.

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So it’s really a good business tool personally you can still use it. If you don’t want to type in someone’s profile you could ask for their QR code and just go ahead and scan it

So in case you want to share your Instagram profile by QR code, the process is quite simple. You might not be aware that’s a new feature, first of all, make sure that your Instagram is updated to the latest version.

How to Use Instagram QR Code Feature?

Following are some important steps to use your Instagram QR Code:

Step 1 – Must Have Updated Version

First of all, you have the latest version of the Instagram app. Go to your app store or play store update your Instagram to the latest version and of course go ahead and find Instagram and launch.

Step 2 – Open Your Instagram’s profile

So let me jump into the phone. Here go to the Instagram app and jump into your profile.

Step 3 – Go to The Settings

Here we’re gonna jump into settings press the three lines right on top and right on this page, you should see the QR code. Now yours may still be called nametag but that is all going to change to this QR code mode.

Step 4 – Change background Color

So let me click that and it’s gonna bring me to this page and I have a few options on the QR code page. One is right on top I could change it from the color which is this color background to an emoji background. And the second option is called the selfie option.

Change Background with Colors

Let me go back to color if I want to change the color background I could go ahead and tap this just anywhere between the word color and the actual QR code and that’s going to change it.

Change Background with Emojis

And there are a bunch of options available same thing with emoji under emoji if I press on one of those emojis where I could go ahead and search for pretty much any emoji that my phone has access to on this app and I could go ahead and change things that way for the background.

Change Background with Selfie

So, for example, let me look up here and I could change the background with a selfie. And finally, we have the selfie one where you basically put your face there take a picture, and then you could have this as an option.

You could always press retake on top to redo that now to save this just press the little up arrow there and you could go ahead and send it to yourself. You could send it as a text message or you could even print it.

Step 5 – Scan a QR Code

You could scan a QR code so if I press scan QR code I could just go ahead and scan it and this is going to show up on someone’s Instagram profile. And then I could press view profile.

Step 6 – Scan a QR Code with Mobile Camera

Now let me scan the QR code with the camera app so that’s just the camera app. You can scan the QR code on iPhone same process as the android.

This is really useful, especially for businesses I know the name tag option was a little bit confusing for people and they didn’t really see the benefit but I think a QR code can be very useful.

Thanks so much for reading this article.

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