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When Your Class Plays Kahoot Game - Make Fun with Kahoot

When Your Class Plays Kahoot…😂

The technology tool Kahoot was one of my favorites last year. A series of multiple-choice questions can be used to create interactive games. With the unique Kahoot pin codes, students can access the game from any web-enabled device.

Each student selects their screen name. There is a leaderboard that appears after each question that displays the current standings. Additionally, Kahoot will display the exact location of each student on the device.

The questioning is somewhat versatile. It allows you to insert videos, images, and diagrams. In addition, the creator can find Kahoots created by other users by searching the extensive database.

The best part is that you can copy them over to your profile and play them exactly as they are. Questions can also be edited based on what students need. The wheel has already been invented for you, so there’s no need to reinvent it.

While playing Kahoot, you can learn more and more along with fun. Kahoot is the best platform for learning while you’re playing games and make a lot of fun with your friends and teachers.

When Your Class Plays Kahoot

4 Ways to Play Kahoot in Classroom

Assessing – Kahoot is used in our classrooms primarily as a review for a test. As opposed to handing out a packet of the review material, Kahoot would be used instead. Two 25-question games could usually be completed in a typical 40-minute class period. Kahoot allows you to see the students’ answers in percentages for each letter choice, which I enjoy. If I found a misconception or a question that less than 70% of the students answered correctly, I could easily stop the game. No one is embarrassed if they get it wrong, because it doesn’t show who made a mistake.

Learning Check – In addition to breaking up the middle of the class to check comprehension, Kahoot could also be a great tool. Having students answer questions after presenting some new information is easy with a Kahoot of 3-5 questions. Formative assessment can be fun! The students can receive feedback immediately. As a class activity, it might also be useful.

Team Work – Generally, I prefer to have students make contributions to an activity, but this could be made into a team game by splitting the class into several groups and adding their scores at the end. It is only possible that one student might know the answer and tell everyone else. If speaking amongst others is forbidden, you may want to include it in the rule. Students who give up after 2-3 questions will benefit from this format as they realize they have no chance of winning.

Create student-created Kahoots – Student choice projects are my favorite. Each student could design a Kahoot based on the material presented in a particular unit. As a class or in smaller groups, you might then play each of the Kahoots during the review day. This would be fun for the students.

Final Verdict

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  2. Goofy arrr uncle productions, quandail dingle here, my mummy won’t let me sleep with her anymore rehheheh, my daddy squirts white stuff every where in the house


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