Webtoon Promo Codes (May 2024) – Updated Codes!

Webtoon Promo Codes 2024 allows you to get free coins. To help you test the Webtoon promo code, we have compiled this list of active and expired codes.

The Webtoon platform is an online platform where comic creators in South Korea can showcase their work. The following is a list of all the currently active Webtoons promo codes free and all the expired ones, just in case you want to test them out and get free coins.

Moreover, we will explain how to redeem them, so please read them to ensure you will receive your goodies in no time.

As the name shows, the site is a platform for posting webtoons and compact digital comics in South Korea.

Here we will show you all about Webtoon Promotion Codes or Webtoon Coupons for you, so let’s get started without further delay.

About Webtoon?

WeTaon is an authentic story-telling platform that allows readers from all around the world to connect with each other, read each other’s favorite stories, and share them online on a single platform.

With a wide collection of digitized illustrated books, readers have the opportunity to browse thousands of comics and manga online while choosing the genres that interest them from a wide range of choices.

You can find a list of ways you can earn promotional codes and discounts associated with Webtoon Free Coins below.

Working Webtoon Promo Codes 2024 May

Webtoon Promo Codes
source: webtoons.com

Here is the list of active Webtoon Promo Codes for May 2024

  • GRITTELOVE9 – Use this Code to Get Free Coins.

NOTECodes can only be redeemed once after which they will no longer be valid. We will update this page with new codes in the future. Please bookmark this page to keep up to date.

The Webtoon Promo Codes list will be regularly updated so that you will always receive the most recent and valid codes. Additionally, we have removed expired promotion codes so that you may save time trying to redeem them.

Expired Codes List

  • A48J1I
  • OE7KQB
  • CIMON99
  • 8Q9SMT

As of right now, all Webtoon Promo Codes are working. We will remove expired codes from the active promo code list if you receive a code that does not work in our active code list.

Disclaimer – This article is intended solely for informational purposes and is not an attempt to promote adult content.

How to Redeem Webtoon Promo Codes?

The following steps must be followed in order to redeem your promo codes on Webtoon:

  1. Launch the Webtoon app.
  2. Choose ‘Promotion Code’ in the Coin Shop.
  3. Then choose a code.
  4. Click ‘Apply’ to claim your Webtoon.

Note – You must first create your Webtoon account, then follow the steps above to receive free coins.

How Get Free Coins on Webtoon++ App?

Using the Webtoon++ application, the following steps can be followed to obtain free coins:

  1. Start by installing Webtoon++
  2. Go to either appinections.com or Tweakify.co
  3. Search for Webtoon on the site
  4. Click the start injection button
  5. In order to install it completely, you’ll need to do a few things.
  6. Complete the activities to earn free coins with webtoon promo codes.

What are Webtoon Coins for?

Coins are a type of currency available exclusively through WebToon for Android and iOS. Coins can be used to unlock Fast Pass or completed series available through Daily Pass so that you can read ahead and support your favorite creators. Depending on the WebToon series, you may need a different number of Coins for each episode.

The Webtoon app provides you with a set amount of information each day. You must, however, purchase coins from the app with Webtoon coin codes if you intend to binge-read. Get free coins by using Webtoon Promo Code Reddit.

You can obtain free Webtoon coins in two different ways. You can obtain free Webtoon coins by using Webtoon free coins promo codes and by downloading the Webtoon ++ application.


Take a look at the frequently asked questions listed below:

Q. How do I get a promo code for Webtoon?

We have already mentioned the webtoon promo codes in this post.

Q. How do you get free coins on Webtoon?

Create a user account. Sign up for a Webtoon Factory account to receive 5 coins. In case you already have an account, simply click the “Let’s go” button to receive 5 coins.

Q. Can free WEBTOON Coins expire?

You can use the Coin Shop to purchase coins. Coins do not expire. You will need to use Free Coins within 30 days. Free Coins will be re-expired after 30 days if purchased before expiration.

Q. How to get free FastPass WEBTOON?

On Webtoon, you cannot fast pass for free unless you visit other websites that are ahead of the story or pirated versions.


We must maintain the Webtoon Promo Codes 2024 in their exact form as they appear in our post. Entering your codes incorrectly could result in them not working.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding the Webtoon Codes in the comment section, we will do our best to answer them.

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